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Updated in March 2024

Driver and occupants

The driver of the vehicle to which the Camper will be attached must be at least 20 years old, possess a class B driver’s license or its international equivalent, and it must be valid. In the case of additional drivers, they must inform and present their driver’s license and meet the same conditions. In case of falsification of provided information, the lessee will assume all applicable responsibilities. Furthermore, the contractual relationship will be terminated, and no refunds will be made for payments already made. It is prohibited to transport more people than indicated, as well as to bring pets or other animals inside the camper. The rented Camper is to be used exclusively for the transport of the lessee and their companions and must be operated only by the lessee, or under their exclusive responsibility, by the driver or drivers noted and authorized by the Lessor. The lessee will be the sole responsible for any legal consequences that may arise.

Reservation and Payment 

To make a reservation and subsequent payment for the Camper rental, two payments must be made. The first payment corresponds to the reservation of the service, which consists of a payment of 20% of the total rental value, following confirmation of availability by WeissCamp. Once the payment is made, you will receive an email confirming the Camper reservation. The second payment, corresponding to the remaining 80%, must be made no later than at the time of the Camper’s delivery. Payment methods include bank transfer, Transbank (debit and credit card), and cash. Checks are not accepted. In case of cancellations, due to administrative and planning reasons, there will be no refund of the 20% reservation fee. 


A security deposit of CLP$ 1,500,000 (USD 1,545.00) must be left in case of any eventuality. This deposit must be provided at the time of vehicle reception (bank transfer only). If there is no eventuality or damage, the deposit will be fully refunded once the vehicle has been inspected, which will be noted and safeguarded in the lease agreement and its respective guarantees.

Camper Pickup and Return

At the time of pickup, at least 50 minutes should be allocated for the respective instruction. Once concluded, a visual inspection and equipment check will be carried out. The Camper is delivered sanitized by WeissCamp and in optimal working conditions. Additionally, it comes with a 5-kilo gas cylinder and a full water tank (SOI). It is the responsibility of the lessee to return the Camper clean.

The Camper is delivered and returned in the city of Limache. Delivery and/or return at any other point in the Valparaiso Region must be agreed with WeissCamp and will incur a fee of CLP 80,000 for each trip. If you wish for delivery and/or return in the Metropolitan Region, the cost is CLP 100,000 per trip.

The delivery schedule starts at 8:00 AM, and the return is until 8:00 PM on the contract’s end date. Returns in Santiago are until 6:00 PM.

Operating Conditions 

For proper use, in addition to the initial instruction, WeissCamp will provide a user manual. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure the correct use of the Camper, and in case any repairs are needed, WeissCamp must be notified in a timely manner for authorization. Once the trip is concluded, the return condition of the Camper will be checked. In case of damages or defects to appliances due to misuse, these will be charged to the client and deducted from the security deposit.

Damages and Liabilities

In the event of damages and if it is proven that their origin is attributable to the client, the costs of repair and transportation will be the client’s responsibility, even if these exceed the amount of the security deposit provided. In this case, there will be no refund for the rental days that were not utilized. Conversely, if the damage is not attributable to the client, the costs of repairs and transportation, if required, will be covered by WeissCamp. Only in this context, if the level of damage prevents the continuation of the trip, a replacement vehicle will be provided, subject to availability; if no vehicles are available, a refund will be issued for the rental days that were not utilized. In the case of minor accidental damage that does not require assistance and occurs in a location with an established workshop, the client must request a quote, validate it with WeissCamp, and provide the subsequent workshop receipt where the repair was carried out. This receipt must include the camper’s license plate number for subsequent reimbursement.

Fines and Penalties

The client commits to making good use of the Camper, following the given instructions, not exceeding the recommended speed limits, and complying with traffic laws in general. They are directly responsible for the proper functioning and for any infraction(s) that may be issued, and in case of incurring major sanctions, they will be of their exclusive responsibility.


It is strictly prohibited to smoke inside the Camper.

Subleasing the Camper or parts of it is prohibited, subject to a fine equivalent to the total rental value.

Any action contrary to the observations referenced in this contract may be grounds for the full charge of the security deposit left for such purpose, without prejudice to other civil and criminal actions that the lessor may undertake to recover damages caused directly or indirectly by the improper use by the lessee. Contract reading confirmation: The lessee declares having read the Camper’s user manual and acknowledges and accepts its contents. The parties establish as their conventional domicile, the city of Limache, Republic of Chile, and submit to its jurisdiction.

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